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Butterscotch by Stratus35 Butterscotch by Stratus35
Introducing Butterscotch, the resident animal caregiver for Ponyville. Whenever someone's pet is sick or injured they bring them to Butterscotch who can patch them as good as new in no time. He's also in charge of aiding the residents with pests or unwanted animals, and enlists the help of Applejack if the job is too big for one pony. He takes in abandoned or lost animals and gives them a nurturing home and adopts them off as pets to responsible, good-natured ponies. Unlike Fluttershy it's not as difficult for him to speak his mind or assert his position however he has tendency to mumble which can cause him to get overlooked by the loud ramblings of any pony mid-conversation. His quiet and forgiving nature has made him a easy target for being taken advantage of making him a bit cautious around others at first.

Trying out some new shading for characters I really like it a lot and I think this direction I'm going to go with for art-wise. What do y'all think?

That's about for this one I guess, thank you to anyone who drops by and if you any questions about where I'm going with this feel free to ask! :D
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March 14, 2017
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